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In exactly 27 days, I will be the age when many in my position look back at their lives and wonder where the years went. And while it feels I’ve not lived as long as I actually have, I don’t feel life’s over.  Certainly not!  Having a much younger lover helps.

This hunger for life never seems to be satisfied.  I more readily try new things; meet and like people I probably would not have liked…younger.  I love its taste! Life is more savory and sweeter.  When it’s a bit bitter, it’s easier to spit out the unpleasantness and move on to more delicious fare.  Having a much younger lover helps.

Youth and vigor intrigue me.  It intensifies and energizes.  Youthful vigor extrudes fear, enabling Psyche’s ascension.  Released lustiness replaces repression and the life-hunger swells, only to be sated by a much younger lover.